Can wedges have two thin ends?

I read with interest on the BBC News site that teachers are to get a ‘role model’ code ! Nice present for Christmas. These things only usually surface during late July and August when  the profession is off sunning itself somewhere pleasant. The note on the web site says: Teachers in England will have to act as “role models” both in and out of school under a proposed new code of conduct. The draft code has been published by the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE). GTCE chief executive Keith Bartley said the code set out to teachers that they had to consider their place in society.

It will be very interesting to hear what teachers actually think of this when they return in the new year. Just hope none of them read about it before Christmas … they all deserve a bit of peace and tranquility  …

Those that post on Twitter are having their say and there is a summary of the same here.

One thought on “Can wedges have two thin ends?

  1. Utterly appalled by the ambiguity and intrusive nature of these proposals. The GTCE has never had any legitimacy within the teaching profession and their admin is totally incompetent – how many teachers aren’t on their register? Many schools have existing codes of conduct and competency legislation already covers issues such as teachers undertaking personal business while in class. The whole thing smacks of an organisation with no raison d’etre trying to justify itself. And I totally agree with your point about sneaking it out at the end of term just when every teacher I know is on the verge of a cold/exhaustion/sickness.

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