Now come on, don’t be silly, call it a day …

News report in on the BBC Education site today informs that : Examiners have warned the government there is a “significant” risk that pupils could face a repeat of this summer’s Sats test fiasco.

What it basically means is that some arbitrary date has been set for the results to be published and it might be missed again, so the government is making a preemptive strike, just in case that happens.

If it is right to test/examine young children in this way (and I firmly believe that it is not) why should it matter about the reporting date? Surely, if the principle is sound then it is the final data, accurately portrayed that is all important. If this causes a revision in operational strategy in schools then so be it … that is, if the principle is sound.

… and it isn’t … so its time to call it a day on this and put the money spent to better use promoting teaching and learning not measuring it.

You can read all of the exchanges, over the marking issues, between Ken Boston (now probably not as much concerned as he was about what happens – you can read his resignation letter here) and Ed Balls on the QCA web site

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