When the going gets tough …

… teaching gets an increase in enquiries!

The BBC report today:
There has been a huge increase in the number of people interested in becoming teachers since the start of the so-called credit crunch. England’s Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) has reported a 40% increase in recruitment enquiries to its website since last December.

So this could be great for learners if it brings in people with open minds who feel that they have something to contribute to the lives of young people. But it could be bad if they bring with them a 20C concept of what education was and try to graft it into the 21C.

Clearly HE will need to get its selection process hat on to sift the passionate from the needy (or even the nerdy) … I just wonder how many establishments will have noticed the trend and have made changes to account for this.

Stephen Downes points out a post on ‘The Apple’ which says:

Becoming a teacher is a tricky process, made even more complicated by the fact that every state in the U.S. has different qualifications. For example, some states will accept online teacher courses, whereas others don’t. TheApple researched and found 16 states that offer easier routes to teaching with various alternative programs. These states are ideal for prospective teachers who have completed a non-teaching degree or are choosing teaching as a second career. Becoming a certified teacher isn’t a simple process in any state, but these programs do allow for expedited ways to get a full-time teaching career. Want to know which 16 states made our list? Read and find out!

He also point out that teaching is hardly the road to fortune

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