2009 Horizon Report

This is what I so, so strongly believe and it has been picked up by Will Richardson in his Weblogg-ed … from the 2009 Horizon Report

Information technologies are having a significant impact on how people work, play, gain information, and collaborate. Increasingly, those who use technology in ways that expand their global connections are more likely to advance, while those who do not will find themselves on the sidelines. With the growing availability of tools to connect learners and scholars all over the world — online collaborative workspaces, social networking tools, mobiles, voice-over-IP, and more — teaching and scholarship are transcending traditional borders more and more all the time.

Just focus on the words … ‘are more likely to advance’

Many thanks to Will for bringing it to my/our attention.

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  1. Hi Doug
    Sad to have missed Bett this year due to a broken toe and I was really looking forward to it. Catch up later in the year, when you next visit Hope

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