BETT Day 4 – Are we there yet?

Never quite get to grips with BETT on day 4 (Saturday) and this year was no exception … very, very quiet … populated by people who couldn’t escape schools in ‘real’ time and some people who just wanted to know. I didn’t help that my voice had disappeared completely, a case of ‘BETT throat’ caused by lots of hot air and probably too much champagne!

Lots of interest and kind comments about Podium and conversations about what the next stages will be/ought to be in its development.

My thoughts on the TeachMeet are now centralising on the concept of smaller more intimate but still unstructured meetings where the ‘little voices’ can be heard and not overawed and where the whole proceedings don’t take over from the purpose (not saying that they did the other night) … so TeachMinis may well be a good development and perhaps ones that are focused.

So BETT09 has been and gone and I just wonder what direct impact it will have in classrooms up and down various countries and what changes it will have brought about that will affect children/learners. It is really down to the urgency and passion of those that visited .. to make the best of the knowledge that they gained and not to procrastinate. Gladwell’s ‘Blink’ and the concept of ‘thin slicing’ comes readily to mind here.  By Monday morning sales reps from all of the exhibiting companies will be delving into their gathered contacts and following up their leads trying to push through that sale (with the BETT discount) to feed the economy … we do need to make sure that the economy is ubiquitous and includes that of learning and time and, one which will have an impact on learning.

If you went, would love to know what you saw that is going to make a difference.

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