Exciting running !!

Wow !! Ollie Bray comments on a report that he noticed in Sunday’s Independent Education section that extols the introduction of ‘ Free Running’ (Parkour) as a curriculum subject.

Parkour is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. (Wikipedia)

The article points out:…the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance examination board had recognised parkour for part of the national curriculum for gymnastics. Westminster is now planning to convert a skateboard park into the country’s first dedicated free running centre.

I think this is a terrific idea  … and being old … I have to ask the question … ‘ Did anyone ever play the game of ‘Pirates’ in the old fashioned style gyms in their school days? I remember that we were allowed to put out all of the apparatus … beams, benches, ropes, horses, rope ladders etc in a sort of random way and then we chased each other up and down and over the kit … the idea not be touch the floor and not to have your sock (it was sticking out of the back of your shorts) stolen. Great fun, very active … has not made the Olympics.

I think that the BBC has already sort of ‘up-marketed’ this with their Saturday evening madness called ‘Total Whipeout’ 

Richard Hammond presents an extraordinary new game show.Crashes, smashes and hilarious mud splashes are on the cards as twenty contestants take on one of television’s largest and most extreme obstacle courses. They journey across the globe to the purpose-built Total Wipeout course in Argentina to put their strength, balance and bravery to the test in the hope of winning the 10,000 pounds cash prize and being crowned this week’s Total Wipeout champion.

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5 thoughts on “Exciting running !!

  1. Re your latest blog entry – I found the following in my diary from 1961 (I was 12 and in the first year at grammar school).

    Monday 11th December

    Today in games we played Pirates – it was super. I watched ‘This is Your Life’ tonight. It was on Charlie Drake and Cliff was on – he’s fabulous.

    When I was teaching I used to do it with my class too.

  2. I LOVED Pirates! Someone fell off the apparatus and broke their arm one year but we still played it regardless at the end of every term!

  3. It does seem a good idea for schools where there are issues with behaviour (creating things for kids to do….)

    As the government are pushing ‘4 CHANGE’ do they have to apply different rules for the changing shapes of children.

    Will the larger of those in the classes want to or even be able to do these balancing acts… they are the ones who will find this the hardest!

    But fitness has to come from somewhere, be it playing on the climbing frame or 5-a side football on the street…

    Get out there and get running free!

  4. @Mat (and others) … great comment … it seems to me, considering it, that some of the people who need physical activity will need to take it quite steady to begin with until their joints etc can stand the strain and until their balance improves enough for them to be safe.

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