A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Today’s Guardian has a wonderful piece on a new ‘school’ to be opened in Sheffield this coming Monday.

A new £4.7m primary school in Sheffield is facing criticism for dropping the word “school” from its title after governors decided the term had “negative connotations”.The headteacher of Sheffield’s Watercliffe Meadow, Linda Kingdon, said the south Yorkshire school, which is due to open on Monday, will instead be called a “place for learning”.

Wikipedia gives a wonderful definition of  ‘school’ noting it to originally mean ‘leisure’ ! Whereas, much more profound perhaps, the online dictionary merely states ‘an educational institution’.

It is interesting to read the comments on the site … it just means that the word ‘school’ carries too much baggage with it for 21C purposes.

… and the Daily Mail reports … here

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  1. So what have we been doing for the last 40 years?

    In 1969, whilst at teacher training college in ……..Sheffield, we were taken to, and inspired by, a community centre. Whilst its primary role was that of schooling in it’s broadest sense in terms of age range and access, there was also an on-site public library and health centre. I recall little of the detail but retained the strong sense that this had to be the model for education in the future – open access for all the community with absolutely no stigma attached!

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