In continuation of my Early Years theme

I have just been listening to Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation at the RSA earlier this month. Having just finished reading his latest book ‘ The Element’ it was a joy to listen to him expounding further on his themes. The thing that heartened me most of all was his comments about young children:

A 3 year old is not half a 6 year old and a 6 year old is not half a 12 year old

This is what I have been trying to get over all week … we should not be perpetually preparing children for the next thing we should be letting their childhood live in the adventure of the day because that it what today is for them … an adventure and  it is out job to see that it is rapturous and all encompassing.

It is not what happens its what you make of what happens that is important.

Original Photo on Flickr by Richy Mann (thanks to Angela Maiers for the steer towards it)

Attribution: original image: ‘painting22
by: harpreet singh

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