Six (6) Months …

Okay so six months can be a long time in politics but … six months to train a teacher?

Problem is if you take a typical PGCE course it is not actually a year … it actually has about 38 weeks in it … now by my maths that is sort of, about, nearly 9 months ish … so if the six months is really six months then it is about 2/3 of a PGCE course not half. ( phew … glad I have done the hard maths)

The Government’s proposal (reported by the BBC) is aimed at attracting more outstanding people into teaching … ‘Please Sir, Please Sir, can I be more outstanding?’

Cabinet Office Minister Liam Byrne told the BBC the plans to intensify training for “good people” with “life experience behind them” builds on work over the last couple of years. “We know there are a lot of fantastic mathematicians, for example, who would have once perhaps gone into the City but now actually might be more interested in a career in teaching,” he said. “What we have to do is make sure the very best people are able to get into a classroom as quickly as possible.”

It does occur to me that these people that the Government sees only want to be in teaching now because they are ‘insecure’ where they are and teaching looks like a secure option. Not a firm foundation to build a career in teaching.

Interestingly there does not seem to be a need at the moment to attract people into the profession. There are few shortages (other than those ‘talked up’ by the media etc). So why the move? Why the rush? What is this bright idea about? And we all know that the brightest often don’t make the best teachers.

Watch out for next weeks master plan to keep your mind off the fact that your pension and your savings are slowly being eaten away.

PS Over the last day, since the anouncement, there have been many comments on forums, most saying that this is no way forward. You can read some of them here from the BBC Education News site.

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