Politics … perhaps

Travelling round the country over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to ask teachers, SMTs, advisors and ‘others’ what they think will influence education int he short, medium and long term. The responses were many and varied as you would expect. From teachers there was a concern about APP and how, even though they were being told that the evidence that they collected normally was what was needed, they saw it as extra paper ‘stuff’. Some SMTs were worried about the Rose Review and whether, if a General Election comes early all their thoughts and plans to implement would/could/might be wasted. Advisers were concerned to get their messages right (or as right as possible) not wanting to move one way or the other at present because children’s future (and their credibility) might be at stake. Its a guessing game.

My worry is that for the sake of politics all of the work by and on Rose and Cambridge could be brushed aside for something that gets votes … whatever that might be.

Attribution: Original image: ‘Storm‘ 


by: Kristaps B.

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