Science leaves a sinking ship

The other man’s grass

The BBC report this morning that primary school science Sats are to go next year. As Jim Rose sets up a core of literacy, mathematics, ICT and personal skills ( I have read my way through the report now and still haven’t a clear idea of what these are) science appears to be the fall guy. And it really is no surprise.

I think that this removal of science is just twiddling at the edges … the tests should go completely and teachers should get back to concentrating on personal progression in learning that is fit for a digital future.

Ministers, it is said, have backed recommendations from an expert group report on assessment being published on Thursday … So today we are to get a report on assessment … just how many more reports can primary education (and primary teachers)cope with? Who can keep up? And does it matter?

If I was a cynical writer I would suggest that this removal of science could be a political attempt to defuse the proposed ‘Sats ban’ scheduled by the Unions. But it is a start … I still need to see how Sats fit in with the broad brush strokes of the Rose Review … I feel, as is the usual case, it will take time to filter through to the classroom floor and don’t recognise any reason to rush forward. Working in Scotland and talking to teachers here allows me to appreciate that the Scottish approach through the new Curriculum for Excellence gives professionals the opportunity to regain their professionalism. I just hope that the educational strictures of the last decade have not denuded the profession of its creativity and enthusiasm for the education of young people.

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