The Rose Review (part two)

Image: Tree bending over backwards – Lindisfarne – April 2009

I read too much in the media about what is going (is it?) to happen to primary education in the brave new world that faces us PR (Post Rose) and was dragged in to the idea that talking to technology and listening to in was the answer to all of my questions. Or perhaps I just read the wrong papers or listened to the wrong news.

So I asked some teachers … there was an interesting amount of professional apathy on show … ‘Not another report/review’, ‘I wonder what we will have to change this time?’, ‘I will get my spider diagrams out and dust them down I think’  were just some of the reactions I got from a profession that has witnessed change after change after change. I tried not to mention to them the report on assessment !

What struck me most was that the reactions were sort of acceptance of changes yet to come … no idea that this might be what was waited for.  I asked if they were going to comment … nobody thought that they would … it is a process for others perhaps rather than teachers … or am I listening to a biased sample?

It appears to be ‘wait and see’ time … but already the publishers are gearing up to help out as are the people who will be thinking about support and training for the practitioners. A silver lining perhaps.

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