A lot has happened … and more will

Listening to a friend this morning I was alerted to the fact that the Tories, on the way towards the next general election, are going to remove SATs from the primary schools … and give them to Y7 instead!

This from the Telegraph today: Exams taken in the final year of primary school will be replaced with tests at the start of secondary education, the Tories said.

Mr Grove, the Tory shadow schools secretary also added : “We would free the final year for teaching in the broadest sense in order to ensure that children had access to the broadest curriculum possible. When they arrive at secondary school we find out genuinely how well they have been taught, how effectively they can read, how gifted they are at maths.”

So you can imagine where the priorities will lie … reading and ‘rithmetic … I wonder where ‘riting will come in. Not wanting to think creatively about the issue of exams the solution appears to be that you just move them out of one place and into another.

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