When does a ‘strategy’ become a ‘framework’?

The drift of the Government’s White Paper – Your Child, Your Schools, Our Future: Building a 21st Century Schools System ( reported today on BBC Education News) – sounds, at first, like reading a franchise agreement for those that succeed by one criteria to spread their word : viral-like: It will call for high-performing schools and education providers to take over their less successful neighbours, creating chains of schools with a shared “brand” identity.

The demise of the ‘strategies’ or ‘frameworks’ (still not sure about this) is in there; … another element of the White Paper will see the end of one of the cornerstones of Labour’s original standards-raising drive, with the dismantling of the literacy and numeracy strategies in primary schools.

But this could be a simple cost-cutting measure rather than a terrific education change and could, potentially, leave a large hole which will need to be filled – just when teachers had begun to get to grips with the ‘new’ frameworks ! I will be interested to follow where this leaves the present ideas on ‘assessment focus’ and APP.

You can read the whole white paper here.

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