Are you ready?

Image: As far as the eyes can see – Lindisfarne 2009

Come October the Cambridge Primary Review will publish ‘Children, their World, their Education’ its final report … all 640 pages of it. So, are you ready for it and what influence will it have on your thinking and your planning for the future of the education of our youngest children?

Will we, in the light of the evidence, be able to break away from the cosy view of ‘Miss Read’ and ‘Gervaise Finn’ and, actually, should we want to?

According to Mike Baker of the BBC there will be 75 recommendations. The report asks the big question … “How can primary education best meet the needs of today’s children and tomorrow’s world?” . We know about the children but can only guess about the world that they will inherit from us. What will basic skills look like? Will it be more important to learn to calculate or to dig a garden; will it be better to understand maths or other people? And … is this what primary education is about?

I am unsure if the question is about tradition over invention and innovation or conservatism over change. Time, money and politics will give us the answer.

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