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We will have a general election soon and (as we all suspected) the future of education will be in the hands of the politicians. Those of you (of us) who felt that The Rose Review was a step in the right direction may well have to be judicious about the way that they vote if the wish to see its implementation.

On TelegraphMobile today there is a report that: The Conservatives are planning the biggest overhaul of the National Curriculum since it was introduced by them more than 20 years ago.

No surprise there then. And really no surprise about the ‘back to basics’ ideas … whatever they think basics are. It appears that :A team of teachers, academics and subject specialists are being brought together to focus initially on maths, English, science and history, subjects seen by David Cameron’s education team as the vital core around which school lessons should be built.

Interesting about History … the teaching of chronology in British history will be given greater prominence … and this in a multicultural society in which there is no reason why learners should be tethered buy their geography.

Here is the Rose Review bit : The source said that the move to get rid of subject teaching in primary schools by focusing on topics and projects would be reversed. “In primary terms, we have been very critical of the Government’s Rose Review, which promoted the cross-curricular approach. Proper subjects should be at the heart of the curriculum,” the source said.

I just wonder what they will think of the Cambridge Report ( see last blog post) due out in October?

This, of course, will not affect children and teachers in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland … they will be able to continue with more progressive, innovative developments.

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This morning we caught a rainbow...
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