‘We are the people we’ve been waiting for’ – 2

The Lord Puttman DVD ‘ ‘We are the people we’ve been waiting for’ is today FREE with the Guardian newspaper. The web site is there for comments.

This is not a 2 minute or a 7 minute fix … you need to listen/watch it all …

Here are a few of the things that caught my attention as I listened for the first time:

  • ‘I want to do amazing things with my life’
  • Does school help you find your passion?
  • I’d like to be … flexible … happy
  • What if you have no goal … what if your prospects have been closed down?
  • People are different – education has insisted that they are the same
  • She has grown into herself … a fantastic young lady
  • I’d like to be … like … a lucky one
  • We need people who can question … schools have ‘over-served’ them
  • We programme children to be compliant
  • We are not tapping into creativity we are producing little foot-soldiers
  • The preoccupation with reading and writing masks so many other things
  • Why have so many ‘successful’ people failed in school?
  • They focus on what you can’t do not on what you can
  • Policy makers focus on the curriculum and assessment
  • We use education as a way of disqualifying children
  • Education is about drawing out of children what is in them
  • Mental truancy … there – but not there
  • Anyone who doesn’t think that education is about the economy is not thinking
  • There is no long term strategy for education in the UK
  • Education is being used as a political football
  • It is not a question of doing what we have always done but better … we need to do something radically different
  • There are people doing fantastic work … we need to share it
  • We need to re-address basics … productivity needs to be tied to creativity
  • You are special
  • High quality education …. designing new systems without building a legacy system first
  • Creative and proactive thinkers
  • Paint your picture … its yours
  • Masters and mistresses of practicalities
  • The debate about the curriculum is locked into either practical or academic
  • The connect between school and the ‘real world’ …
  • We need to revisit what school education is about
  • All the high performing systems recognise that they have to invest in teachers
  • There is no school on earth that is better than the teachers
  • Shouldn’t we be allowing students the luxury of learning from their mistakes
  • We can be more efficient by using technology
  • Technology can never replace the teacher but it can empower
  • We provide the student with the opportunities to learn in their way
  • Technology can provide the core to move away from
  • The curriculum will become student-centric … it will be mass-customised
  • It may be too late for today’s students but not so for their children
  • I want to make my family proud and I want to be proud of myself
  • … following something that will make him happy
  • We owe it to ourselves to plan for change .. to plan for transformation
  • If we don’t act then the world’s problems will exceed our capacity to deal with them

Attribution: Original image: ‘Mankind
by: Éole Wind

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