BBC2 – Digital Revolution

Thanks to my amazing Twitter PLN I have learned of the coming BBC2 4 Part series – Digital Revolution. The series due out in 2010 already has a major web presence with programme rushes, interviews and downloads and much more. The title itself is not even fixed yet and they are currently debating it on the site.

The whole idea is conceived as an ongoing, interactive project of which the programmes will be a tip of the iceberg or even the icing on the cake. It is in fact an ‘open source’ documentary and one of the unique things about the idea is its : digital revolution rushes sequences and ongoing, growing collection of rushes sequences from our production, to watch, share, download, edit under the terms of a unique BBC permissive licence.

This could herald a whole new way of looking at copyright etc of digitally prepared and collaborated materials. Well done BBC ! I do hope this will be a ‘learning’ for other groups (and governments). It really is a massive leap in the right direction … so exciting !!

From the site itself: Digital Revolution’ is an experiment in collaboration. We want to hear the opinions, thoughts and experiences from the populace of the web – you. Add your comments to our blog posts. Tell us the stories you think we should be covering. Your input will help shape our documentary.

Attribution: Image from  anithings

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