Slimline tablet from OLPC

My Twitter PLN (this time in the guise of Tricias) points me to the BBC revelation that the people behind the OLPC have unveiled their latest shot at a ‘developing world’ connectivity device.

From the BBC site:

The group behind the $100 laptop has revealed the design for its latest computer aimed at connecting children in the developing world.

The XO-3, as it is known, is a slim-line touchscreen tablet PC. One Laptop per Child (OLPC) said it would be “available in 2012” and would cost “well below $100”. The new design replaces the proposed XO-2, a foldable e-book that was first shown off in 2008 but has since been scrapped by the organisation.

Pity about the foldable e-book … thought that was a great idea but this looks like it could be a powerful step forward for access across the developed world as well.

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