Just when you thought there was a light …

An uphill struggle … or so it seems

The Tories plan literacy league tables for six year olds.

From the BBC earlier today :

A future Conservative government would make schools in England test six-year-olds on reading and writing – and publish the results. Outlining their draft education manifesto they said these tests were “a brilliant idea” that would “guarantee” children made progress.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

… And … Mr Gove said it was well known that “unless children can read they can’t read to learn”. Does he not appreciate that there are other ways of learning? Does he not know that for some children ‘I do and I understand’ is a mantra? Has he not read the materials on ‘games based learning‘ that was expounded so wonderfully by Ollie Bray at BETT 2010 last week?
And hasn’t he listened Professor Stephen Heppell, who received an award for Outstanding Achievement in ICT Education just last week for , who extolled the concept of ‘playful learning’.

I thought we were going to get rid of such things but it appears under certain political circumstances that this will not be the case. Of course, at least I think it is ‘of course’, this only applies to England – Wales have sensibly developed an Early Years Phase up to the age of 7 years and both Scotland and Northern Ireland have a very, very different approach to assessment.

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