Are you a member of an elitist profession?

I came back from BETT to read about Mr Cameron’s idea for a teaching profession. Are you a member of an elitist profession? Of course you could be if your subjects are maths or rigorous science (whatever that is) because you could get all of your student loan paid off for you – just how inclusive is that for all of those creative people who wish to teach art, music, dance, drama, PE, PSHE, geography, history, modern foreign languages etc etc. (More on BBC Education)

I read: Finland, Singapore and South Korea have the most highly qualified teachers, and also some of the best education systems in the world, because they have deliberately made teaching a high prestige profession. Of course they have and they have never undermined it with locked down strategies.

The more I read the moreĀ  I try to find words that mean something to me … ICT, technologies, creativity andĀ  … wait for it … LEARNING !

I look forward to the moment when the government make being an MP a ‘master’s level’ career !


I have read hundreds of tweets now about BETT – most of the focused on the three TeachMeet models – but then it is the group that are involved in these things that tweet. The three sessions were differently awesome and captured the whole essence of this vogue in DIY CPD. No-one who witnessed any of the parts could not have found things that inspired them. And isn’t it wonderful that BETT – the window on the world of educational technologies was subsumed by the power of the ‘ people’?

Attribution: Original image: ‘CHN East Chapel Hill Graduation 2008
CHN East Chapel Hill Graduation 2008
by: Tim O’Brien

One thought on “Are you a member of an elitist profession?

  1. The beautiful irony is, of course that small companies that have used Twitter to converse on a genuine level with teachers such as BrainPOP and Anithings will have had far more coverage in the blogs and tweets about Bett than the big players with big marketing budgets.

    It would be very interesting if some clever person could produce an infographic showing relative stand sizes by Twitter buzz – I bet there would be a few marketing execs with red faces.

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