BETT 2010 Day 1 & 2

The silence of the stands – BETT Day 3

Highlight of day 1 for me was the TedXOrenda meeting where early on in the session we were introduced ( a video) to Kiran Bir Sethi. I was totally blown away by her charm, charisma, and her passion. Her key message was ‘Ican’. She had caught the ‘I can’ bug and wished to infect everyone else with it.

On day 2, to an absolutely packed seminar room ( not even ‘standing only’ space) I did my presentation on Creativity. You can follow the gist of what I said here(if you wish). During the session I got people to dance – virtually – to Bobby McFerrin, drove a BMW Z4 with a piece of cardboard using augmented reality and urged everyone to follow up on what Sir Ken Robinson says about creativity and the power of the human spirit to be creative. Oh – and I also showed people things that they could do with a Google that they had never known. All down to the need to have a big chooser chart so that you can work out what to do with what you have to get the best results.

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