BETT revisited … thanks for all the fish …

Yes … that is me in the photo second from the left with my great friend Jane Doran. 2009 receiving the BETT Award for software for Podium, THE Podcasting tool.

Many thanks for all Tweets about my last BETT post. As I read them I started to remember the people who supported an helped me through all of those years. At the risk of not upsetting those I don’t mention ( if you see what I mean- no intention to upset) here are some names for you to begin conjure with: Simon and Philippa  Barrett, Jamie Baylis, Rob Parker, Duncan and Sue Louttit, Dave Eccles … and I bet you can add to my list – please do so.

Noticed that Merlin commented on the last post – Wish there was a section with cheaper stand for startups. Seen some really good things from innovative people who just can’t afford to be there – hope that EMAP notice the last part of his comment and act on it for next year.

I do think that Merlin has made a terrific point here. The industry has been supported and has supported EMAP for many years now and the BESA have also played its part in supporting the development of the technologies in education. Perhaps now is the time for a philanthropic approach to innovation by way of bursaries or similar to encourage embrio innovation in the field of educational technology and give a platform at BETT for this. Becta could also have a role to play in moderating and encouraging a culture of true innovation.

The BETT awards celebrate achievement for those already in the field. It would be great to have a platform (similar to the ideas that come out of Futurelab) that could have its special place at BETT.

Come on EMAP what about it ?

3 thoughts on “BETT revisited … thanks for all the fish …

  1. Re: the idea on a low cost entry option for new companies – great idea and one that Merlin’s mentioned to me before. We didn’t have space to do it properly this year, but can certainly make it happen for BETT 2011.

    Education benefits enormously from innovation and BETT can help represent and reflect that. In fact, we’re showcasing something very similar at the Education Show this coming March 4th-6th called Innovation Alley – please give it a look.

    It is education that matters and the sector can only benefit from access to the passion, innovation and commitment to learning that continues to spring up in the UK.

    We’ll make it happen.


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