Learning Futures Festival Online 2010

Have spent some time this morning in the Learning Futures Festival Online 2010 Conference.I was interested in the debate about devices … e-reader V netbook. I felt that the comments concentrated on a previous definition of what readin means – a focus on printed words on pages of some sort – rather than a wider view of the multi-modal aspects of ‘texts’.

Also the debate, although including, failed to recognise that the debate might well now be redundant as we move to smart phones and potentially affordable iTablets.

More sessions later today.

The conference focusing on ‘Positively Disruptive’ ideas runs from 7–14 January 2010 and is a great chance to listen and to participate with (using Elluminate) people from all over the world without having to go anywhere. The technology works really well and I would recommend all to try it out.

The Conference has the following themes:

Economics: why waste a good crisis?

Economic challenge can be an opportunity to create solutions and methods that are less expensive, cleverer, and better than before!. The economic crisis may be just the opportunity e-learning has been waiting for to show that it has come of age.

Opening the e-doors to learner generated and open content: contributing or shrieking?

The open education movement can be polarising, but whether you love it or hate it, it looks as if it’s here to stay. Let’s have some healthy debate here.

Learning from the learners: do they know?

Today’s learners can exercise greater choice over what to learn – and how to learn it – than earlier generations, and are more demanding customers. The role of learner experience in shaping the content and the delivery of the curriculum has been debated for decades. Do we have innovative answers for the 21st century?

Personalising the info-cloud: rain or sun?

Today’s learners have amazing opportunities to personalise their learning and work informally with each other. Worries for HE include security risks and loss of privacy. How can we make the benefits outweigh the risks?

Silos in universities: can you make the connections?

Is your quest too complex? Innovation in universities can be  hindered by lack of communication between and even within departments. Success stories happen when individuals employ creative strategies to bridge the gaps. Tell us yours!

Learning from failure: if you had your time again…?

Often the most valuable data is gathered when things don’t go according to plan. Time to share, time to expose, time to learn from each other…

Geo-everything: we know where you are – where are you going?

GPS, mobile learning, Google Earth – what is the future for learning in this virtual global village we inhabit today? Tell us how you’re deploying it.

Second Life for the Second Decade: are we human or are we avatars?

Second Life sometimes reflects First Life and sometimes contradicts it. Image and Build! Establishing an online identity is key to collaboration – can your avatar tell us how? 

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