Sats boycott – will it happen?

A fish out of water

On 26th March 2009 I wrote a post re the potential boycotting of Sats and today I notice that this topic has risen its head again as ‘that’ time of the year begins to loom. But this is January. Perhaps it is the first sign of an early spring.

Today BBC Education News has an article on this very subject – but only with reference to England , of course, other UK countries are not plagued by such things.

Schools Minister Vernon Coaker described the threat of a boycott as “disappointing”. He has no choice really does he as education becomes the political football for the parties to play with as we move towards that day in May (or so we believe)

I am just totally bemused by this. Why is it still and issue? But I suppose that I have already answered the question by asking it. I wonder whether schools will really bite the bullet – or if they really want to?

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