The New Primary Curriculum – England

Today I noticed on the National Curriculum site that there was reference to The New Primary Curriculum (it didn’t say for England but I guessed that it was as I was on the NC site!) So I took a look …. and , well, there it was – online for all to see. And it does look clean and sharp (the site) and makes good use of a variety of display technologies.

This is what they say about the new curriculum: A school’s curriculum should help its children become the very best they can be. Following an independent review, a new curriculum has been developed to prepare our children for the opportunities and challenges of life in the 21st century. The primary curriculum has been redesigned. The new curriculum includes: curriculum aims; essentials for learning and life; six areas of learning; religious education. The curriculum introduces a statutory requirement for languages at key stage 2 and meets statutory requirements for inclusion (Including all learners) and health and safety. The new curriculum becomes statutory in 2011.

Many schools have already started down this pathway, changing their way of working to encompass the six areas of learning as laid out by Jim Rose. From my ICT perspective I am interested in how schools will view  ‘ICT capability‘ and its subset ‘ICT across the curriculum‘ and how the ‘essentials for learning and life’ perhaps umbrella the ‘areas of learning’.

Early days for me yet on coming to terms with what I hope will be a big step forward in opening up primary education to more creative thinking  and really creative teaching.

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