Can you wait until 2017 ?

Yesterday the BBC reported that the Conservative party have launched an idea to use some of the BBC license funding to provide super-fast broadband connectivity into homes by 2017.  That is 7 years from now. Can you wait that long? And with the technological developments that we have seen over the last 7 years is everyone certain that ‘broadband’ in its present format is going to be the answer to global communications. I can’t help thinking that there must be groups of technical wizards out in the world who are not just seeing ‘a bit faster of the same’ but who are planning something entirely different.  Just as the major car manufacturers are being driven (pun!) towards greener options and smarter safety technologies then surely there is a development plan for WWW. I don’t know what it might be but I do feel that it won’t be the same as we have got at present.

Attribution: mage: ‘Do I have a P2P block?

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