Notes on Safeguarding

The Becta fronted conference on ‘Empowering children and young people in a digital world:2010’ was a confident place to be. The speakers were eloquent, focused and current and the buzz around the 300 delegates was of positivity and a search for effective ways forward in safeguarding all people.

For me Oldham sticks in my memory as a place where some real concerted and coordinated thought has been given to the issues and the young people from the ‘Oldham Youth Council’ simply made me feel proud. Their charter, though not a new thing in itself in this world of charters and actions, was theirs and they owned it and they felt passionate about it. It can be access from the ‘charter’ tab here. The concept behind their thinking was of ‘rights’ not rules with a wonderful strap line of ‘Trust us, teach us, talk to us’.

We were told of the Becta revamp of their safeguarding site – it can be accessed here and of the Ofsted report ‘The safe use of new technologies’.

I think we came away thinking – yes – let’s get to it and move on !

PS ┬áJust love this idea – ‘The importance of Fear, Risk and Hacking’

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