Direct correlation

This post is an observation not a comment!

I have spent two days this week at the NEC at the Education Show and have been an interesting observer of teacher behavior. Thursday was a quiet day with people stopping and asking discerning questions about products and services and they seemed to be focused but open to new ideas and were prepared to question views and assumptions before making up their minds about things.

Saturday (today) has been completely different. It seemed to me that for a good part of the day at least half of the hall was semi-empty and the other half appeared to take on the appearance of ( what I can only imagine) a souk would look like on a national holiday.

The stalls/stands selling small, tactile items such as stickers, pens, bags of dice or buttons or stands with finger puppets or ‘100’ squares were surrounded by people with plastic trolleys (I was buzzed by one lady towing two trolleys full to the brim that had each a number of carrier bags balanced on the top) who were obviously on a mission.

Hence the title – there seemed to me to be an direct correlation between the size of the object being sold on the stand and the number of people surrounding it. Remember that this is Saturday and these teachers are doing this in their own time. I wonder what this says about education – and I think I am only really referring to primary education. Is it that when it comes down to it people stick to or want to use to inspire the sort of resources that have been available for a long, long while? It seems to be about tactility.

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