How’s your desk-side manner?

Just when you thought all was safe for at least two months the next ‘ interesting’ idea surfaces to challenge future classroom teachers. The BBC reports that:  New teachers could be tested for their desk-side manner under government plans to improve the quality of teaching. Trainee teachers in England would be screened for empathy, understanding and passion to ensure they have the qualities to be a good teacher.

The politics of education moves slowly forward: In a nod to the Conservatives’ call for teachers to be better qualified, the prime minister said: “Recruiting the best is about more than simply a class of degree, but also about empathy, understanding, passion – those intangible qualities that define every great teacher.

So now you know … but at least Mr Brown got it right !

One thought on “How’s your desk-side manner?

  1. I hope that the only time I get snarky is when there is just too much to do in a day and I haven’t prepared enough for in my mind how i would like things to go. Generally not the kids fault but I am only human with feet of clay!!!

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