Oh Dear …

I spent the later part of last week at a conference devoted to educational research and was heartened by academics putting forward, based on their research, ideas for making teaching, learning and education itself better. The weekend has arrived and the sun and the rugby has come and is nearly gone and now, late on Sunday afternoon, I have had chance to catch up with the Newsnight programme of Wednesday – a programme devoted to education.

What a contrast.

The people from the three major parties fought each other for the upper hand politically making me more and more convinced that education should be taken out of politics. It is getting in the way of providing life chances for young people.

And now I am seriously worried about the steps forward in an area in which I have spent my whole life since the age of five.

image: ‘Slipping into Darkness

One thought on “Oh Dear …

  1. Good to see you at the research conference Doug. Thought the Newsnight programme was a bit depressing too but for different reasons – didn’t think any of the politicians considered the bigger picture. Hmm…

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