The New Primary Curriculum – state of play

I was at the Naace Conference earlier this week and attended a session on the New Primary Curriculum fronted by Assiya Hussain a curriculum advisor from QCDA. I came away from that session confused as to the status of the NPC. We were shown the web site and told that paper documents had been sent to all LAs and into schools … we were told we could buy additional copies for £4 !

There was an article in the Education Guardian 16.03.10 called Primary Vision which explained the whole thing to the readership.

Now checking on the state of the Children, Schools and Families Bill 2009 – 10 I find that (as I thought) that it is still in the committee stage in the House of Lords and a date is yet to be announced for its reading(?)

So how do we get to the stage where it is being portrayed that all ‘has come to pass’? I remain ‘Yours confused …..’

Answers would be most welcome please… one already in via Twitter:  I saw Michael Gove give a very direct response when asked about the new primary curriculum “I don’t like it and will get rid of it”

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  1. Just what I have been thinking since reading a snippet on the Guardian Education website and another news article from Nursery World that the new Primary Curriculum has not been accepted. I can not find any other information though so feeling mighty confused. I understood from the DCSF info that it was definitely going ahead from Sept 2011.

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