Do parents really want to start their own schools?

Do parents really want to start their own schools? I am concerned about this. I have asked a number of ‘parents’ now and having recoiled in horror at the implications of the idea …. they then begin asking questions about how it would all work … ending with the idea that it isn’t for them but think it might be something some people would want to do (and then they could live on the back of it).

I have no idea how it would work. I have read information about the Swedish system – BBC digest here – ¬†(it appears that it is about secondary schooling) and I believe it is based on a voucher system where students/parents can choose a school to go to paying for it with their ‘virtual’ school vouchers. Would be a much better bet to look at Finland as a model!

Haven’t we already got a system in this country that is sort of like that without the vouchers? The private education system in this country appears to allow people to set up schools and charge for going to them … is the Conservative policy just an extension of this? And would the independent or private schools sector want to buy in to this?

I still need to find a parent that wants to run a school …


Other things tucked away in the Conservative Manifesto include the keeping of the KS2 Sats and the¬†plans for a “more rigorous curriculum” which will require that every child “who is capable of reading” should be able to do so after two years in primary schools – which will be assessed by a test.

I wonder what ‘who is capable of reading’ means? and I wonder what the definition of reading will be?


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