Ed Balls at TES

Earlier today Ed Balls did a live webchat at the TES and when asked about the ‘ wash-up’ that moved the education Bill in parts to ‘off limits’ and, in particular’ when asked about Rose Review and the New Primary Curriculum this is what he said:

… well I am clear that we should introduce the new Rose Curriculum as fast as possible … and I think Michael Gove wants to scrap the National Curriculum entirely … althought perhaps just for some schools as he is also planning to re-write the History Curriculum to make it more prescriptive! If I were you I would just get on with it.

That’s what I think … Schools, teachers should ‘get on with it’ use their professionality within their setting to give the best education that can be given.

(Well worth having a look at the TES summary pages of the current state of play in the education debate re the General Election.)


Inside a car wash (wash-up) – Doug Dickinson 2010

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