I just cannot believe it, Rose Review pulled …

This is what I have just read:

Statement on the Children, Schools and Families Bill

Following discussions with the opposition parties, the Government last night tabled amendments to the Children, Schools and Families Bill to enable some parts of the Bill to be passed into law before Parliament is dissolved.

However, some key provisions have been taken out because no agreement could be reached between the Government and opposition parties. These provisions covered the following policy areas:

Reform of the primary curriculum – the reforms to the primary curriculum, following Sir Jim Rose’s extensive expert review, provide greater flexibility for schools to tailor teaching to the needs and interests of their children while also focusing on the basics of literacy, numeracy and ICT. ( The Bold here is mine)

This amongst others but this is a real stopper … just cannot believe it … what now I wonder, what now? I do suppose that if the Labour party get re-elected then the whole thing starts all over again … but I can remember what Mr Gove said. It is my hope that the people on the ground actually rise up and stop all of this nonsense, after all, the result is mandatory – the road to travel to get there is certainly not.

The Guardian’s early comment here and the BBC’s here.

This is what the Tories think they have done … here . They have saved teachers … ? But they don’t mention the Rose Review …

PS – April 6

The main concern, and much reported, from the items that failed to make it through is the withdrawal of the plan for compulsory sex education for the teens. It appears as though teens will have to receive most of their sexual education from websites such as https://www.tubev.sex/?hl=fr with the education system failing them in this department.

SchoolDuggery on Twitter has a view … here.


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