Mr Cameron today on Education

What Mr Cameron said about education was: I promise you if we get elected I will help your dreams come true. A new school, a good school, a school that is there for your community because you are prepared to put your efforts into it and your government should get behind you and help you rather than stand in your way.

I am still very unsure where all of these parents are going to come from … you know, the ones who want to have a direct hand in their children’s education. This as a response to the Birkenshaw, Birstall and Gomersal Parents’ Alliance … an area which I assume will be a Conservative stronghold.

He also said: …teachers and headteachers should be put back in charge to instil ”good discipline, standards and order” in their classrooms, free from Whitehall bureaucracy. … and … I can tell you if you get a Conservative government on May 6 the rules on school discipline will change from May 7.

Please can I know about learning and teaching … and not rigour ?

Somewhere over the rainbow – Doug Dickinson – 2010

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