Sats boycott – time to be counted

In March 2009 I wrote extensively about removing Sats and the fantastic amount of money , time, frustration, effort, tears, tantrums etc etc that each year go into these events. Well now it seems that the time has come to be counted.

On 16th April members of the NAHT backed a boycott and today I read that plans are in place to do just that. It will be interesting to see who does what and to hear their reasons for the decisions that they make. I was with some teachers last week who were saying that it was not fair to the children not to do the Sats as they were all keyed up for them. An interesting view.

Last year I wrote : ‘Now come on, don’t be silly, call it a day.’ … this still stands.

PS – Voice (The Union for education professionals) have given their members clear advice

PPS – And Ed Balls via Twitter comes in with the DCSF’s statement on the boycott. The statement includes this : We have consistently said that the testing and assessment system is not set in stone yet NUT and NAHT executives are choosing to ignore the major reforms we have already made and are continuing to make.   Perhaps the heads are making a preemptive ‘strike’ as a message to whoever gets into power on 6th May.

PPPS – and now from the NUTFollowing a successful ballot of both unions’ leadership members, the NUT and NAHT executives have decided that the boycott of this year’s SATs will go ahead.

PPPPS – from the Guardian … Government consult lawyers over the legality of a Sats boycott.

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