Update: parents do want to start their own schools

As a result of a tweet and a response I can now give up to date information on this subject.

Sam Freedman, Special Adviser on education in Tory policy unit, tells me that: there are already 450 groups of parents and teachers who want to do so – and we’re not even in Govt!

So I asked … and got an answer


Worth having a read about the ‘charter schools’ in US … here. It doesn’t look like roses all of the way … you can please some of the people some of the time but you …….


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3 thoughts on “Update: parents do want to start their own schools

  1. One of these groups is from Clare in Suffolk. Suffolk is undergoing a wholescale strategic review of its schools, changing from a 3-tier to 2-tier system as a response to desperately low standards. It has caused enormous upset for parents as much loved Middle Schools are axed and new schools created. The CLARE campaign group disagrees with the decisions that have been made and want to set up their own school. If they do so, it will wreck the rest of the new structure. Its effect will ripple outward to the whole county and these much needed reforms will be derailed. This will be the effect of removing the local authority’s strategic role in school planning.

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