Naive … Moi … Oui !

Drugs in sport has always been a problem for me. I just can’t see why someone would want to cheat in this way. I am naive. I am told that in a world where prestige and money seem to rule rather than the love of playing/doing getting the best out of performance is everything. And drugs help.

Cycling has/had a huge problem with this and so did/does athletics. But what of the other sports? What about those performers who do not play on a world stage but who play/run/swim/ride/hit/shoot on a Saturday or Sunday fro their own ‘pleasure’. Who monitors this?

And … what is this all about?

Today my naivety went up a notch as I read an article in TES Connect about ‘Smart Drugs’.

I read: Chemicals that enhance exam performance are here to stay – it is educators’ duty to shape the debate around their use. I had no idea! It had never occurred to me that there were ways of cheating in exams that involved drug taking ! I read the article and internally blushed at my naivety.

If we, and I hope we do, condemn every instance of the use of drugs to enhance personal performance then here is one that will really test the system. Just imagine – testing for substances in a random in schools. I can’t imagine … I just can’t stop thinking about it.

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