A month is a long time …

It is a long time since I have posted here. I have been waiting for the dust to settle on the new world of education that seems to be just around the corner. I was reminded of my lack of posting by a group of exciting and vocal students at the ICT Conference at Plymouth University last Friday. They were urgent to know what was going to happen and I was urgent not to tell. I wanted the day to be exciting and scary and optimistic as they headed into this unknown teaching future. I wanted to give a feeling of taking risks and not trying to get everything right. I wanted them to feel that they personally were in charge of what was to happen and that they were enormously privileged to be able to help young people on their way into their lives.

I don’t know if I succeeded. I was impressed with their professionalism but worried about the constraints that they saw that didn’t fit into their concepts of teaching and learning. I used the ‘ we are the ones we have been waiting for’ idea to suggest that there was more in their hands than they knew.

If these students are a reliable sample of students throughout teacher training then I am optimistic.

… and I still don’t want to speculate on the future of education in England … for the moment anyway!

One thought on “A month is a long time …

  1. I have to agree Doug. I was very impressed by some of their ideas. In the current climate they are very optomistic.
    I have a theory. We all start out that way in education but become brainwashed by scared SLTs who are under the funding cosh from LAs. Having experienced SLs like that, not just in school but from LAs too, I think it will take a very strong leader/teacher to stop this culture.

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