Silly season II

Yesterday I read with total amazement an article in the Mail Online advocating teaching Latin in the Primary School … there were other bits but it was that that caught my eye and made me tearful.

I wonder what next … my hope is for the following (these are in any order – take your pick and then add your own – I know of lots more that do not seem to figure in a ‘locked down’ curriculum ):

  • Real cooking (I mean making food not working out how many calories or how healthy something might or might not be this week … actually cooking cakes and things that people want to eat)
  • Woodwork I had an amazing teacher who let me use the lathe to make wooden bowls and I got a real appreciation of wood and grain
  • Gardening If you ask me about skills for life i would put being able to grow carrots, peas, beans, lettuce and tomatoes right there at top of the ‘need to be able to do’ pile
  • Reading for Pleasure Not this dissection of texts into little pockets but real opportunities within school time to sit down and get immersed in a book – my teachers let me go outside and sit under a tree in summer and just read and read – the reading bug has never left me – and no teacher planned that the pleasure I have always found in words
  • Exercise The sort that makes you puff and blow and tires you muscles – not the sessions where a video camera is used to analyse if my little finger was pointing slightly in the wrong direction when I hit the ball
  • Knowing things This is a really difficult one and one that was mentioned by Mr Timms just the other day. It is okay being able to find out but often it is great just to know. I am so sure that children/students really do like to know things. If this were not the case why would we be part of a society that appears to thrive on ‘Weakest Link’, ‘Eggheads’, ‘University Challenge’, ‘Master Mind’, ‘100 to 1’ and pub quizzes.
And not one of these involves the digital revolution. I want a hybrid, a blend and slow marinade of growing up excitedly and also calmly … please !

3 thoughts on “Silly season II

  1. Hmm… How about….nature days and visits to country parks where sticking your hands in large ponds, mud and generally prohibited materials is positively encouraged. Then peering down microscopes at the stuff in the slime and water.

  2. Interesting thoughts to read as I enter the penultimate week of my final teaching placement.

    I’m extremely keen to promote reading for pleasure, but also time for writing for pleasure. Most schools I’ve spent time in lately have given time for the children to read books that they’re never asked about. Yet whenever children write anything there’s a desire to mark it, finding spelling errors and ways they could include ‘wow’ words and higher level connectives etc. All well and good, but sometimes wordy doodles, allowing people to consider and reflect on what they are writing without considering the teacher as the audience might be useful. And if not useful, just a little bit fun!

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