The start of the ‘silly season’ …

Scotland and Northern Ireland schools will be closing for the summer soon and about a month later England and Wales will also be ‘on holiday’. Time then for the ‘silly season’ to begin. Just as teachers and school managers jet off for a much needed break or simply lie down in a dark room for a while, the pundits, knockers, sceptics and the rest begin to dredge up the next set of crazy ideas or comments for the interested to read, ignore or worry about.

Today’s wonderful revisit is to that, now perennial – computers damage children.

Sometimes its their eyes, sometimes their bodies (rsi injuries), sometimes its mind. I suppose that the article in yesterday’s Telegraph is about their minds.

“There is evidence to show that introducing information and communication technology (ICT) in the early years actually subverts the very skills that Government ministers said they want children to develop, such as the ability to pay attention for sustained periods,” says Dr Aric Sigman, a psychologist and author.
“There is a conflict between multitasking and sustained attention. These things cannot and should not be developed at the same time. Sustained attention must be the building block. “The big problems we are seeing now with children who do not read, or who find it difficult to pay attention to the teacher, or to communicate, are down to attention damage that we are finding in all age groups.”

Need to keep watching now because, as the argument is becoming polarised, then next week there will be some learned person who will tell us the opposite. Good job that we make up our own minds about all of these things isn’t it?

Thanks to Doug Woods on my PLN for the first site of this information.

One thought on “The start of the ‘silly season’ …

  1. It’s not the first time Dr Aric Sigman has spoken up about this ( Does not Compute -2008) and he isn’t the only one saying similar things. However strong his evidence, he makes a Canute like figure, vainly trying to stop the rising tide of society.
    We could delay the use of screen technology by children in school until later, but realistically we have little control what society does with screen technology, or indeed any technology.

    Those of us with new babies in the family watch them strive to become members of the ‘normal’ society they are born into, to do what their family and those around them are doing. In terms of technology this Often shows first as the determined grab for the mobile phone (because it is there) but could also include watching the family play games or mum and dad answer their e-mails.

    But also are we sure that children’s brains are being ‘damaged’, perhaps these are the brains the human race needs next to survive!!!

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