It’s … Oh so quiet …

Just a thought … its gone really quiet on the education front at the moment re Free Schools, Academies, primary curriculum etc.

Could this be related to the World Cup, Wimbledon, the approach of the summer holidays or just worry or perhaps apathy. It could be the fact that the sun is shining … perhaps …

And then I read the speech of Nick Gibb, The Minister of State for Schools who set out his agenda for reforming school education at the Reform Conference today.

I like these bits:

  • We’re going to place greater trust in professionals to give teachers more freedom to decide how to teach.
  • … we’re going to reduce bureaucracy so that schools can get on with their core business
  • We are also making it much easier for parents, teachers and education providers to set up new schools, so that there is real choice in every area. …but am totally unsure how this can work !!
  • I believe very strongly that education is about the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next.
And I don’t like these bits:
  • So we are determined to focus on ensuring that reading is taught effectively in primary schools and we will say more about this in the coming months. 
And it is because of that necessary focus on the basics, and our belief in giving teachers more flexibility, that we have decided not to proceed with the new primary curriculum as recommended by Sir Jim Rose.
  • … we want to restore the National Curriculum to its intended purpose – a core national entitlement organised around subject disciplines. … unsure how you can give the freedoms indicated in the Free Schools idea and then say this!!

There is more but this is more than enough for now …

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by: Tom Magliery

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