Facebook rules ??

Ewan McIntosh, always ahead of the game, reports on Mike Russell’s (the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Education) comments concerning the way that students see Facebook and the implications of their view on Glow or any other institutional VLE.

“Our young people are Glow’s most demanding customers [Glow is the Scottish Schools national intranet]. They already use tools, such as Facebook, that are better than Glow [ed: insert any virtual learning environment here], so Learning and Teaching Scotland [ed: or any VLE provider or Local Authority] has a big challenge to face. It must strive to ensure that Glow is as good as anything else in the market, and do so with substantially less resources than its competitors. Great imagination is required but by continuing to listen to users and to grow and adapt, Glow will retain its relevance.”

WE need to be where our young people are not somewhere else … credibility is at stake here.

Attribution: Original image: ‘My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and MyblogLog’
My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and MyblogLog
by: Luc Legay
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