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In today’s Sugata Mitra suggests … give them a laptop and a group of pupils will teach themselves.

He goes on to say: … we call it a Self-organised learning environment (Sole). It just means a “cybercafe” environment for children – light, comfortable, safe and inexpensive. Children work in self-organised groups of four or five. They have the freedom to work as they please, or not to work, if they so please. Order is maintained by the children themselves.

As has often been said of our education system … too much teaching and not enough learning.

So how do you stand on this one?


Original image: ‘round hole in wall
round hole in wall
by: LEOL30

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One thought on “More from Sugata Mitra

  1. I read a lot of the research into the Hole in the Wall projects as I wrote about it as part of a project for my MA last year, I think it’s really interesting and an area that needs to be researched further, but it’s probably like most things,it works well for some children and not for others.

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