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Whist aimlessly (always) watching the BBC Breakfast news this morning (I should have more sense) I just caught the end of an article which, had it been April 1st I would have dismissed as a serious wind up.

But it wasn’t. It was about children reading to dogs

Later, tracing the article back I discovered the truth… Children will be reading to dogs to help them build confidence at two schools in Kent this autumn term… the link to the article is here.

“Many children find it a struggle to read and it really knocks their confidence if they stumble over words in front of their mates. The idea of reading to dogs is that they don’t answer back and they don’t give you a hard time if you don’t get it right first time. It gives children an audience to practise in front of and helps them to build their confidence and their ability.”

Reading further into the article I noticed that the idea has come over here from …. US … well that could explain a lot I suppose but if it works … but why dogs and not cats or even sheep? Wouldn’t the class hamster do the job just as well … or what about going outside and reading to the trees? Didn’t someone famous spend a lot of time talking to trees and plants?

Attribution: Original image: ‘The look of sheer determination – 2010 Iditarod Ceremonial start in Anchorage, Alaska‘

by: Frank Kovalchek Released under an Attribution License

5 thoughts on “Reading to dogs …

  1. woof woof, meow, woof, meow, bark, meow meow meow, woofery, purr purr,
    …. cats better at thinking out of the box … but they better not after all that training.

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  2. My boys read to their cuddly toys. I think it’s the fact that the animal – or soft toy – can’t correct them or tell them that they’re wrong that builds confidence.

  3. Agree with you Lisa … but why drag dogs into it … if we leave them alone children will do what they naturally want to do and that is read to someone or something that they love and trust … I suppose that could mean a dog in the classroom … :-I

  4. … and just as an ongoing point … that could mean that children are reading a load of rubbish ( I don’t mean the books) … they could be just reinforcing wrong things ?

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