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I was standing in the shower this morning thinking of my ‘long departed’ mum … she spent a good deal of her time trying to keep me clean with comments like, ‘ That face has never seen the soap!’ … and I got to wondering why for the last 50 or so years I have always washed my face under running water – using no soap at all. I don’t seem to have come to any harm because of this and feel sure that my mum was doing what she felt was best for me.

And then all of this spilled over into an article from a women’s magazine (don’t ask) that was waived in front of me recently where Sandi Toksvig ( I find her sense of humour very much to my taste) comments: Take the notion that two negative numbers multiplied together make  a positive. I still await the day that that particular nugget will arise in my daily activities’

And I got to thinking about log tables and ‘Pi’ and climbing ladders carefully (having of course weighed myself and the bucket first so that I would be able to calculate the safe angle that the ladder needed to be leaned against the wall and taking into account the friction of the ladder on brick and paving slab and the direction of the wind). I also had good vibs about the things I had learned such as the French that has carried me through many conversations on my Continental trips; the appreciation of music; the nuances to be found in great poetry (something I treasure on a daily basis) and the pleasure got from running and the positive support I received for my passion for it.

And I got to think about what are the things that children in primary schools today will remember and think of as positives from their experiences and what time will show are a complete and utter waste of their childhood moments.


Saw on the BBC News this morning (see above) that maths teaching was being outsourced to India … bad idea or just the next step forward. Read Chris Drage’s view here.

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by: Tom Magliery

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