Doug Dickinson

Muses of an E-Learning Consultant

Worries 4

4. Exams … sorry GCSE Exams … should they be all ‘sit-and-do’ on the day or modular? Surely we have got to the stage where people should be allowed to show what they know in the best possible way for them and not for the system? It shouldn’t be difficult. […]

Worries 3

3. and then there is the text book thing … From ‘Could do better: Using international comparisons to refine the National Curriculum in England by Tim Oates Cambridge Assessment’ Just as Finland’s current success can be traced to highly centralised control in previous decades, including control of textbooks … Back […]

Worries 2

2. The reading test for six year olds … after all a ‘readiness to read’ concept does not build on an idea that all children should be educated based on their ‘date of manufacture’ – thanks to Sir Ken Robinson for this idea. Mr Gove says: It will be impossible […]

Worries 1

I am now really worried about the way things seem to be going. There are a number of issues that have cropped up just today that have probably been incubating for some time now. 1. This systematic synthetics phonics business … could you please tell me how you learned to […]