Every Teacher Matters …

Attribution: Grey Skies – D Dickinson 2010

Every Teacher Matters … wow that’s true. But there is teaching and teaching and the there is teaching … if you get my meaning. Reform: an independent, non-party think tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity has produced a report called ‘Every Teacher Matters’, the exec summary and indeed the whole report is well worth a read as it indicates a different road forward for education and schooling in the current climate.

Key points from the exec summary are ;

In order to reduce the ineffective bureaucracy that surrounds teacher quality, the forthcoming

Education White Paper should announce the following reforms:

Government attempts to control teacher quality should end. The Government should strip back the accountability regime: Ofsted should focus solely on the quality of teaching and management and the TDA should focus solely on teacher recruitment and initial training.

Local authorities should stop providing School Improvement Partners to schools. Governors should take responsibility for ensuring they are properly equipped to hold heads to account

The National College should be privatised, allowing schools to pay directly for its useful services. Underperforming schools should buy in to the successful National College programmes – National Leaders of Education, Professional Partners and the Improving Teacher Programme – to benefit from the sharing of best practice across schools.

Universities, in conjunction with business and excellent school leaders, should develop education-focused MBA-style qualifications to replace the NPQH.

But the report itself has so much more to say than this , provocatively arguing that class size is relatively insignificant and teaching assistants are not delivering a quality education

Just the sort of thing to get your teeth into!!


In the Independent on 5th Nov Toby Marshall asked the ‘What makes a good teacher’ question … This has been followed up on 10 November by Richard Gardner’s article on ‘old-fashioned’ teaching.

Is it about intervention or interference?

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