ICT in the White Paper

Attribution: ‘White Paper’ D Dickinson November 2010

Apart from the fact that there is only one use of the ‘word’ ICT there is an other interesting omission for me – as I lecture on a PGCE Course:

2.10 Second, we will review the operation of the current ‘basic skills’ tests of literacy and numeracy which teachers are required to pass before they can practice. We will make sure student teachers take the test at the start rather than the end of the course, reduce the scope for retaking (currently one in seven teachers re-sits one of the tests more than three times), and strengthen the rigour of the tests to ensure they set a high enough standard.

There is no mention here of the ICT Skills test. Does that mean that it is still fit for purpose – was it ever? Or that the problems of rewriting it are so vast that it won’t get tackled … or will it just be left out and eventually allowed to lapse as the pace of technology moves on so rapidly that assessment can’t keep up? If it is something like the later point I wonder what this says about the skills tests for maths and english?

If there is not an entry skills test for ICT then what does this say to HE about its importance? And what does this say to students and schools? With the loss of Becta is this just going to be another ‘passing’?

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